100,000 Salvadorans Demand Tax Reform on International Workers Day


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OnSunday May 1 in honor of International Workers Day, more than 100,000 workers, campesinos/as, feminists, students, members of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) leftist party and other social movement groups from across the country marched through downtown San Salvador to push the Salvadoran working class demands. The primary demands of the tens of thousands of marchers were for: businesses to start paying taxes and stop evading taxes, the Funes Administration to create a new, progressive tax structure and for the Salvadoran National Business Association (ANEP) to raise the minimum wage to equal the public sector monthly minimum wage of $300. The march was festive, despite the blistering hot sun, with drum crews, theater groups, poets and stiltwalkers reaffirming street art as a form of work. (For more photos of the May Day march, visit the CISPES El Salvador Facebook page).

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